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30 Nov 2022

This is a compiled documentation to administrate a Postfix server for outgoing email

!!! danger "Disclaimer" This setup documentation was realised on Ubuntu 12.04 and would need update for more recent ubuntu and Postfix

This documentation is a compilation of information gathered over the years to build an outgoing mail server with postfix. This is not aiming to be a all go configuration and open sourced for contribution.

Main Sections

A concise guide. If you just want a robust outgoing mail server, you don't need to spend $4500 in a PowerMTA solution. Here we show you how to setup your own SMTP, spam filter proof able to send 300 000 email an hour.

Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS

  1. Installation:
  2. DKIM and SPF:
  3. DomainKeys:
  4. Open DMARC:
  5. Bounce Management:
  6. Rate Limiting:
  7. IP Rotating:
  8. Authentication:
  9. Multidomain:
  10. Whitelisting:
  11. Advanced Setup:
  12. Monitoring:
  13. Conlusion and Tips: